Research your project(s):

1. Create a written description of the project(s) you would like to complete.

2. Prioritize. Once you have all your projects written down, it’s time to prioritize them so you can effectively schedule them. I like to use a system called 1-2-3. Next to each of the to-dos on your list, put the number 1 to identify things that need to be addressed immediately before it gets worse and costs more to remedy. Put a number 2 for things that need to be done, but not right away. Write the number 3 for things you’d like to do someday, but can wait if money isn’t available to address them right now. Prioritizing your projects this way makes it much easier to proceed to schedule them.

3. Knowing your budget will help identify your top priorities and avoid cost overruns.

4. Deciding if you are going to do a project as cheaply as possible, or, are you willing to to what is needed to complete the project correctly and with quality workmanship.

5. Will you be supplying some or all the materials for your project(s)? Or would you like your handyman to supply the materials for the project(s)?

6. Establish a date to start the project(s). Then, you can schedule them out for when you are ready to proceed with next project(s).

7. Check completed project(s) before signing off and final payment.